Porn Faucet is the sequel to a bad joke, in poor taste, with artistic aspirations.

I’m just a regular guy who unloads trucks for a living. Since the pandemic, like many others, I have been struggling to find work and have been forced to look at alternate ways to make ends meet.

In my exploration, the potential of blockchain became immediately clear. I have become enamored with the subject. Hidden slightly below the surface of technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero is a concept that could be used to solve many of the world’s most pressing problems.

We live in a world where it seems we can’t trust anything. Government, business, media, religion, and science all seem to question the validity of our individual free will, voice, and perspective from every angle. Blockchain eliminates the need to have trust. Unfortunately, there’s a serious learning curve. Blockchain won’t change the status quo without a whole lot of people getting up to speed really quickly and as we all know, some people just won’t learn.

If I was going to make a difference, I was going to have to reach as many people as possible. I needed something with mass appeal. I liked the idea of faucets. I could force people to learn by giving away free money! Everybody loves free money. I just needed to find a way to generate the money that I was giving away.

I looked at how other faucets did it. Most Bitcoin faucets I discovered were a waste of time. The process of getting money was a maze of irrelevant spam ads, redirects, and an endless series of nonsensical captchas. They didn’t educate, they didn’t payout, they just chased people away. Nobody could endure the onboarding process long enough to make a regular faucet have mass appeal.

I thought to myself, “If only there was a type of website where people actually WANTED to return time after time to look at the content, something where they expect a lot of ads but keep clicking anyway.” I decided to ask Google what people searched for most.

It was out of this web search that Porn Fountain, the original Adult Bitcoin Faucet was born. Since then thousands of users from around the world visit Porn Fountain each week to get their share of the action.

Eventually, it became clear that “Randy the Porn Bot” had a mind of its own. While it dutifully followed all of the instructions to create the site that I asked it for, it also was telling me that my site wasn’t EXACTLY what people wanted.

“Oh really now, what do that want?” I asked.

Then, without shame, I handed all creative and marketing choices to Randy the Artificially Intelligent Porn Robot.

Porn Faucet is the result of thousands of user searches, categorized whatever way “Randy” thinks is best. Randy split tests EVERYTHING; colors, logos, ads, wording, promotional techniques, and tone of voice.

“Give the people what they ask for,” I said.

Randy the Porn Robot replied, “

Take a look around.

Apparently, Porn Faucet is EXACTLY what you’ve been searching for:

A hot pink porn tube that supplies copious amounts of granny porn (and small amounts of Bitcoin) to people who are bold enough to investigate the unlikely claims of a cartoon dick on a telephone pole…

Share and enjoy!

Porn Faucet doesn’t actually make any money. If you find it amusing or useful I encourage you to send me your hard-earned money. I will use it to continue to develop dumb ideas.

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