Let’s Do This

Porn Faucet rewards you for doing something that you do already. Put simply; when you wank, you make bank.

I bet you’re thinking this to too good to be true. Well, it’s not. This is just a unique way of giving the advertising proceeds back to the people who, ahem, earned them… Leave a porn site and a Bitcoin faucet alone together long enough and the Porn Fountain project was bound to happen.

Make Accounts for Your Spank Bank

Bitcoin isn’t anonymous, it’s pseudonymous. You should create a new set of accounts unconnected from your personal life and business. After you become a Bitcoin millionaire by pulling your pud you may choose to tell people a slight variation upon that truth when asked from whence your windfall came.

I recommend starting with an email account from https://tutanota.com/

Exchange Wallet on the KuCoin Exchange

Take your new email address and head over to the KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange. Create an account there connected to your new email account. https://www.kucoin.com/

Please note: Kucoin recently underwent a major security upgrade after a breach. (No Porn Faucet user accounts were involved.)  If you encounter problems or feel that you would prefer to use an alternative, try https://www.kraken.com/ instead. 

Copy Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

After you have created your KuCoin account, navigate to https://www.kucoin.com/assets/coin/BTC, and click “Deposit”. You will see your “BTC Bitcoin Wallet address” it looks something like “3Q1p3sW1BPbTvz1BFqhrMg5ipmVC31Kbtx”. Copy that and save it. You’ll need it.

Micropayments Wallet at Faucetpay.io

We’re moments away from the money shot now. We’ve got just a few more clicks before we’ve got Satoshi coming out of every orifice. Porn Faucet really puts out. We’ll let anyone have a crack at it. But to squeeze you all in you’ll only get a little bit at a time. Then you’ll have to wait for your turn to cum around again.

In order to maximize your piece of the action, we’re going to create a Micropayments Wallet. That way you’ll only pay transaction fees when you’ve got enough cumming to you to make it worthwhile.

Head over to Faucetpay.io and create your account.

Don’t forget to use your secure email address when creating the account.

Get Your First Piece

We’re testing a brand new faucet system tailored perfectly to your needs. Consequently, there’s a temporary extra step. You’ll need to go register for the faucet itself. You will already have all the information you need from the previous steps. While you’re there; collect your first reward.

Getting Paid to Watch Porn

Now, browse PornFaucet.com or Pornfountain.com. These sites will automatically keep track of how long you have been browsing and how much you’ve earned. When you have earned your next reward, a popup will appear with instructions. When it does, click the button, and solve the captcha.  0.0000005 BTC  will be added to your account. If you have not signed up for notifications you can still claim the faucet every half hour by going to https://faucet.pornfaucet.com/

Beta Test

These services are explicitly offered WITHOUT GUARANTEE. This site is always under development. 

Feedback can be directed to [email protected]

UPDATE November 3, 2020

We are Beta testing a new faucet system. As a token of apology for any inconvenience that this may cause, we’re giving you $5 in credit in our toy store. Use the code SHITBROKE to receive $5 off orders of $25 or more. 

If you repeatedly encounter errors please send an email to [email protected] describing the problem in detail. We’re dedicated to providing the most Bitcoin payouts of any Porn Tube in the world.

Cryptoo.me Users:

Currently, we have suspended payments through the Cryptoo.me service. The third-party faucet provider which served as our intermediary could not handle the strain.

The Bitcoin Wallet balance for the address you created at KuCoin and your micropayments wallet at https://cryptoo.me have not been affected.

Want to Try Something New?

There are as many kinds of Bitcoin Faucets as there are kinds of porn. (No, no there isn’t, not even close) A couple of months ago I subjected myself to an eyeball bang with a hundred random “Bitcoin Faucets” I met on Craigslist. A vast majority of them were deadbeats and dirtbags. I believe a sexy Russian spy tried to hack me and I’ve been getting emails for CHEAP Viaagra all afternoon. Keeping track of what site was working and when was waaaay too much for a single human to keep track of. I recommend you go check out our sponsor Metafaucet. They have a crowd-sourced and community maintained faucet rotator that simply directs you from one faucet to the next when you refresh the screen. It doesn’t get any simpler.